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Madách Imre út 13-14., Madách Trade Center B 1075 Budapest
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Péter Kovács

Co-Founder & Chief Social Evangelist


Balázs Bondici

Co-Founder & CEO


Balázs Komár

Co-Founder & Social Geekologist


Tamás Németh

Co-Founder & Chief Business Evangelist


Ági Hank

Scout Brownie of Tech Team


Péter Batiz

Quake Warrior


Zsófi Tóth

Growth Hacker


Tamás Püski

High Fly Sourcing Ninja a.k.a. Geek's Best Friend


Lilla Lassú

Solution Fairy of Tech Team


Dávid Tóth

AI Associator


Diana Egbewunmi

Juggler of Happenings

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Natalia Malanchuk



Zsófi Szabó

Social designer & heart


Use our expertise

HR Solutions

Need help with recruitment processes?
Want to have an external opinion?
Need to find exceptional talents?

IseeQ offers a wide range of individualized solutions and has the know-how to do it right. Through our cross-industry project management experience we solve any HR-related problems or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Effective and satisfactory solutions that add value to your HR processes come from in-depth examinations of all circumstances and a people-focused approach. Use our expertise in recruitment training, consulting & coaching, employer branding, salary benchmarking, compensation analysis, HR audits, leadership development, outplacement, standardized technical tests and assessment center solutions.

Market Intelligence

Want to stay in the loop?
Want to connect to opinion leaders and decision makers?
Rely on up-to-date market insights?

IseeQ supports you with accurate information to support confident decision making.

Through our daily work we gather extensive amounts of market information. We are connected with technology-driven newcomers, large multinationals that are around for some time and specialized service providers.

Participating in an ongoing conversation with all these people gives us an exceptional insight in the latest trends and is the source of the up-to-date market information we are happy to provide our business partners with. For highly complex problems that require exceptional insight, we gladly make introductions to people who have it.

Talent Scouting

Want to grow professionally?
Interested in a career change?
Want to be a part of a professional community?

Being connected with leading and fast-growing organizations, whether it’s young and promising start-ups or large multinationals, we are constantly looking for the capacity to take leadership positions and deliver extraordinary solutions immediately. We are working hard on being the partner, that you feel completely comfortable to entrust with your career development.

Unveil opportunities through our network. It might not take more than sitting down for an espresso with us at our very own HQ Café.

Business Networking

Looking for real connections?
Need to select local business partners?
Want to boost your international expansion?

We dedicate our time to our international network, host and co-organize events & meet-ups, educate generation Y and simply introduce people to each other on a personal level.

While we represent our clients at events on all levels to provide the best recruiting solutions, we actively support start-up projects within our communities. We have close connections to VCs, private equity firms, business angels, incubators and specialized service providers to round up the HR services we can offer ourselves. We are the co-founders of the Central European Startup Awards & the Nordic Startup Awards

For us the lines are blurred between candidates, clients and other forms of business cooperation, because we don’t focus on short term goals but rather mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, whatever specific form it might have.


Need to find top talents and act fast?
Building a whole new team in a niche-market?
Need rare skill talent urgently?

At IseeQ we do things a bit differently. We believe that the key to exceptional recruitment solutions is a lively and personal network. Even in today's interconnected world, business is best done face-to-face.

Rooted in Budapest, we have been growing valuable connections stretching from the Silicon Valley through Europe all the way to Moscow. This extensive offline and online network brings rare and exciting talents in reach. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we don’t need to be present in all industries and are able to stay agile and act fast, especially when it comes to providing cross-border solutions.

Web, Cloud & Mobile Development, Scrum, Marketing & Sales, Logistics & Supply Chain, Purchasing, Automotive, Mechanical & Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, Shared Service Centers, Financial Analysis & Commercial Banking


Keen on getting in touch with other experts?
Want to make friends?
Need to follow the latest business and tech trends?

We were aware of the importance of our social network long before we launched IseeQ. For us success means building personal connections and keeping a positive and collaborative mindset.

Trusting in people and always looking for the win-win-situation brought us further than we’ve ever expected and we simply had more fun along the way! We are passionate about the Start-ups growing in our community, we host and co-organize events & meet-ups, educate generation Y and use every chance to catch up with the scene.

If you treasure personal relationships and a collaborative mindset feel free to discover the Qmmunity and join in.

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  • Business Networking
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What people say

“Recruitment is key for a startup, it's very important to find a partner which really understands your needs and your company culture, somebody who feels like being part of your own team. IseeQ does totally match this description, they are great professionals and it's always a pleasure to work together.”
Jeremie Murat, CTO at

“I got to know Peter Kovacs when first coming to Budapest. He and his team at IseeQ did not lose any time making introductions to his vast local network, which worked to my great benefit in pursuing my own goals. The experience was all the more enjoyable and helpful seeing how Peter is driven by a pure passion for connecting people and building a strong local business community. I continue to value Peter's support and can only recommend everyone else to see how it can be put to their respective benefit.”
Matthias Jütte, Entrepreneur (Berlin)

“Always with a smile on his face and a “No problems, only solutions” - attitude! Seeing Peter Kovacs in action on an event I truly understand his large network and I am amazed by his natural ability of connecting the right people. He and the rest of the IseeQ team have been a fantastic help for our company in our search for team members - they make recruiting personal and energizing just like it should be!”
Betty Toth, co-founder ipiit (San Francisco Bay Area)

"I have been cooperating with Balázs Bondici on different technical positions throughout the past five years. In all processes I have experienced his professional way of handling recruitment, introducing best candidates because of his deep experience on the market combined with understanding our company culture and needs."
Ada Fürst, HR Business Partner - Henkel Hungary

Hungary, 1075, Budapest
Madách Imre út 13-14
Madách Trade Center B, 7 floor

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